Vacation in Rome

The cost of a 5 hour car tour 400 Euro

If you look back only 2 to 4 million years ago, instead of Rome and of the Lazio region, we would have discovered the Tirrenian sea with two prominent mountains: mount Sorath and mountains Cornillon. About 600.000 years ago the start of volcanic activity in the North and in the South of Rome volcanic system in the result of which formed the territory of Lazio formed by tuff and frozen lava. Volcanic activity ended about 15,000 years ago.

Lake Bracciano is of volcanic origin with an area of 57 sq km, occupies 8th place among the lakes of Italy. Initially the lake was called Sebatinsky, and the maximum depth reaches 165 meters. From lake Bracciano gives rise to the Arrone river, which flows into the Tirrenian sea. On the shore of this amazing lake now are three of the city Trevignano, and Bracciano Anguillara. In 2 BC was built the aqueduct by which Rome was supplied water for naumachia August. Now this lake attracts not only tourists, but also of the Italians by the calm, clear water and freshly caught fish. On the lake there are numerous fish restaurants and beaches. Swans, ducks and nutria swim quietly in the lake and come ashore for a tasty morsel of bread offered by the tourists.

The city of Anguillara one of the oldest points inhabited by people. The tribes engaged in fishing were settled in this area in the Neolithic Continue reading

Switzerland tourist attractions


Switzerland – the country combining unique natural beauty and ideal business life. Being in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is bordered by Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein. The Capital, Bern.

The Swiss Alps occupy almost two-thirds of the country’s territory, making Switzerland – a Paradise for climbers and skiers. The period from November to April – hot time for tourism in Switzerland. At this time, here come the lovers of an active ski holiday. Switzerland is the ski resorts of the highest class, which implies that as an excellent quality hotel service and an exceptional level of training runs.

The attractive force possess for lovers of travel the famous lakes of Switzerland. Surrounded by stunning natural scenery, cozy towns with picturesque promenades and beaches, lakes, Switzerland – is the pride of the small country.

The lake, which more than any other is associated with relaxation in Switzerland — lake Geneva . You can swim, sunbathe, ride on the lake on a boat and doing water sports. And the splendor of the cities of Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne contributes to the charm of this amazing place.

Lugansk is named after lake Lugano, Continue reading

Tourism and recreation in Khakassia and South of Siberia

On the map of Khakassia visible blue spots. It indicates on the lake, in the Republic there are about 300, salt and fresh, mountain and steppe. A miracle of nature, a source of health called the salty lakes of Khakassia. According to scientists at the Tomsk research Institute for cultural studies of the mineral content in the Khakass lakes reaches up to 155 grams per liter. Lakes are mostly located in the North-East and the South of the Republic. The biggest lake: Bela, Black, Snorted, Itkul, Shira, TUS. Most of them salty. At the bottom of some lakes, along with salt, there is healing mud.

Nature gave us the ability to treat people with mineral water and medicinal mud. Known far outside Siberia’s lake, which for its medicinal properties not inferior to the famous Dead sea in Israel, is the lake TUS. The healing water of lake Shira, on the shore of which is one of the oldest resorts “Lake Shira”, known for over a hundred years. Shira is one of 4 lakes in the world, where naturally Glauber’s salt, sulphuric acid magnesia.

Khakassia is called the Siberian Switzerland with its historical and natural resources. The beauty of this place captivates everyone who comes here. Heard here are amazing legends and sagas, which are rich in this land, the hospitality of local people, acquaintance with history, communing with the beautiful nature, rest on healing lakes will forever Continue reading

Lake-in-spots «Click»

Lake-in-spots “Click” — it is a rare natural phenomenon that rapidly dries out in summer, and formed a mud are used by the local population in the form of healing, for it includes such nutrients as

magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt),



as well as eight minerals, such as silver.

Interesting fact: during the First world war, to the plants of Canada from the lake surface were exported to a ton of salt per day. But many centuries ago, warring tribes in times of truce went here “to lick” your wounds.

We eat, the lake “Click” has a direct relationship to such thing as mineral water. Not only from the point of view of water, primarily from the point of view of dirt

And here’s a fact pertaining more to the mystique. another feature spotted lake Click is confusing the difficulty in photographing. Photographers, who tried to make Continue reading

the Coastal zone of the river Iset and chusovskoe lake were cleaned

The participants of the environmental movement under the name “clear lake” cleaned the coastal area of the Iset river – one of the most environmentally threatened rivers in the Ural region. In the subbotnik was attended by forty people, and the place of beginning of the action they chose the banks of the city pond of Yekaterinburg. The collected trash was several tons.

According to Alexander Michkova, member of the initiative group, the intensity of pollution in the coastal zones of rivers and reservoirs, despite the work of public services is threatening. The consequences of such “business” activities of man lead to the disfiguring of the landscape in the city and beyond, water pollution, and require radical action and special programs for cleaning and protection of banks of rivers, lakes and ponds. These are the challenges facing activists of the ecological movement “Clean lake”.

The campaign organized by activists on the shore of the pond was their second over the summer. The venue of the action, in which it was collected and removed more than 30 tons of garbage, was selected chusovskoe lake.

Among the tasks implemented by the activists-ecologists, Continue reading

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